Grid Connect System – What is it?

A grid-connect solar power system is an array of solar panels linked through an inverter delivering power through a bi-directional meter to the power grid. Green Home Energy grid-connect systems requires no batteries & this system also enables the household to not only reduce its carbon footprint by the production of renewable energy but it also helps reduce and possibly remove your electricity bill altogether and in some cases you can actually receive revenue from your energy provider by the excess energy your grid connect system produces.

What direction does the solar system need to face?

Solar panels are designed best for the ultraviolet rays from the sun to hit them at 90 degrees to create the efficiencies and Australia being in the southern hemisphere this means a northward facing orientation is the optimum panel situation.

The solar panels will still operate and produce plenty of electricity on any East-West direction, but they can be 35% less efficient than that of a North direction. Shade also reduces the panel’s efficiency so ideally the panels should receive no shading between the hours of 8am – 4pm.

What size system will I need to run my home? 

That entirely depends on your energy usage and your geographical location. A 1.5 kW system is currently the “entry point” for grid connect and attracts the most rebate .It will cover between 16 and 25% of the energy consumption of a medium household. A 4 kW system will cover 100% of the energy consumption of a medium energy use household. We help you to look at your power usage and recommend a system that is suited to your needs and your budget.

Any size grid connect solar power system will reduce your yearly power consumption and your power bill. Naturally, the bigger the system, the bigger the benefit.

To make the most of solar power, the key is to implement simple energy efficiency strategies. It is easy to conserve energy by using appropriate lighting and efficient appliances. Running high power appliances such as electric bar heaters, electric hot water systems and air conditioners etc. is really not economical.

Instead of considering a very large solar system it is advisable to invest in energy efficient heaters, solar hot water and design features such as strategically placed vents or insulation to avoid heat entering the house in the first place. In summary – all your energy can be supplied by solar power and your budget and daily energy usage will determine the size of your solar power system.

If my energy requirements increase, can I upgrade the system? 

Yes. Additional solar panels can be added at any time to increase generating capability but you might have to upgrade to a larger inverter. Alternatively you could purchase a larger inverter when installing the system initially and then plan to add some extra solar panels later.

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