Solar Panel Lifter

At BT Remote Solutions, we pride ourselves on using the best equipment available to improve productivity, reduce the risk of injury to our most important asset – our workers – and reduce costs.

We now have 2  Geda solar panel lifters.  One is the largest in the range and  is the only one of its kind being used in the Northern Territory.  Both have a maximum lifting capacity of 250kg, can carry up to 9 panels at a time and currently can operate up to 19 metres.  The larger one carries panels up to 40 meters across a roof.

Lifter in use (002)

To view how the Geda was set up, click on the link below:

Geda Setup


Click on the link below to view the clip showing the Geda in action:

Geda in Action – Opium Creek Station

Click on the link below to see how quickly and safely solar panels were laid on this 100kW commercial installation.

Commercial solar panel installation


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